I have never been to a gig at Huntingdon Hall before, so you could say that I’m a Worcester virgin. This will not be the last time at this magnificent venue either. Huntingdon Hall is a Grade II listed building that was built in 1804. It was the Countess Of Huntingdon’s church.

WORDS: Stephen Harrison

It was used as a chapel until 1970 when it ceased to be a place of worship. Opening its doors in 1987 it has since been used as a theatre and concert venue. The acoustics are nothing short of magnificent, as you can imagine. Bonham- Bullick has played this venue quite a few times, so it’s almost a hometown gig as far as they are concerned.

The gig opened with See You Again, Deborah Bonham taking centre stage, grabbing the mic stand, and belting out the lyrics as if her life depended on it. This band has been together for what seems like an eternity, so they are tight and have their road chops in line for every gig. They have also been the backing band for Paul Rodgers, Free Spirit. So, if that doesn’t wet your whistle, nothing will. Paul Rodgers has played with the likes of Paul Kossoff, and Jimmy Page in the past, as well as Peter Bullick.

That tells you how good a guitarist he is. If you are not familiar with this band or their amazing back catalogue then you need to check it out as soon as possible. Don’t for one minute think that Deborah gets something of a free ride because of her surname. Nothing could be further from the truth. Deborah Bonham is blessed with a wonderful blues and blues/rock voice that is as good as anyone on the scene right now. High energy, a blues background, and an understanding of how to put a song across make her such a vibrant vocalist. Bleeding Muddy is as blues a song as you can get. It needs no explanation really, for me this was the highlight in a magnificent set.

Each song is delivered with passion, and sometimes a little humour showing that the band was enjoying the evening as much as the audience. Bonham-Bullick deserves all the recognition that they get. Five musicians at the top of their game, a blues band with a hint of rock and a smidgen of folk.

What’s not to like?


Deborah Bonham- vocals-acoustic guitar

Richard Newman-drums

Ian “E” Rowley-bass

Gerard “G” Louis

Peter Bullick-vocals-guitar


See You Again

See What You’re Doin’

I Had A Dream

Feel So Alive

I Need Love

Take Me Down


Fly E (Hammond Solo)

Bleeding Muddy

What Did I Do Wrong


Jack Past 8

No Angel


Mr. Big

The Hunter

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