‘Wednesday’ season two will explore more of Wednesday’s Latino heritage


The second season of Wednesday is set to explore more of the character’s Latino heritage.

This week marks six months since the Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday, first arrived on Netflix, starring Jenna Ortega in the lead role, as well as famous faces including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie and Christina Ricci.

Now, with the popular series being confirmed for a second season, co-creator Miles Millar has discussed the possible plot choices for the next instalment of the show with IndieWire, and shared that the writers are looking for a way to make the character’s heritage more prominent in the story.

“It’s so rare to find an iconic character of this stature,” said Millar of Ortega, who has Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry. “We really try to find ways to [highlight that] authentically.

He continued, explaining what questions the scriptwriters have been addressing when it comes to making the show as representative of the Latino community as possible.

'Wednesday' Netflix
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and Emma Myers as Enid CREDIT: Netflix

“What would Wednesday listen to when she was growing up? What would Gomez be playing? … Finding moments where we could really make it feel like a girl who’s grown up in New Jersey with a Latino parent,” he said. “How would that resonate with her as a teen? Certainly this season we’re looking for more ways to explore that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Millar recalled how both himself and his writing partner Al Gough were caught off-guard by the sudden popularity of Wednesday, especially as they spent years trying to sell the series to producers.

“Even though we thought it was a no-brainer, a lot of people clearly didn’t,” he said. “We thought, ‘Oh well maybe it’ll be a YA hit, more like an elevated CW show,’ but then it became much, much more than that. We never anticipated the level of impact and reaction it had.”

Details on the release date and plot of the upcoming season remain scarce and are set to be confirmed at a later date.

Wednesday Addams dancing to The Cramps’ ‘Goo Goo Muck’ in ‘Wednesday’. Credit: YouTube

In a four-star review of the first series last year, NME described the show as depicting a “very different Wednesday to the one we’ve come to know”.

“Wednesday’s acerbic wit, her sassy putdowns, are put to excellent use by Jenna Ortega, who is perfectly cast… any creative differences appear to have been worked out,” it read. “Wednesday ends up a rare spin-off success story. It’s creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky – and an absolute treat.”

In other Jenna Ortega news, it has been confirmed that the actress will be appearing in an upcoming sequel to the 1988 film Beetlejuice.

As confirmed by Warner Bros. earlier this month, the forthcoming film — titled Beetlejuice 2 — will also star Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, and is set to arrive in cinemas on September 6, 2024.

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