Noel Gallagher has recorded a secret dance track

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has recorded a secret dance track with CamelPhat that is waiting to be finished.

CamelPhat DJ and producer Dave Whelan confirmed to The Daily Star‘s ‘Wired’ column [via MusicNews] that the dance duo have teamed up again with the High Flying Birds bandleader for a song. They previously worked with the former Oasis star on their 2020 track ‘Not Over Yet’.

“We also did a great track with Noel that sounds like when The Beatles went to India,” Whelan said. “It features a sitar we recorded with a very talented Israeli musician.”

Gallagher is said to have been too busy working on his 2023 album ‘Council Skies‘ to finish the track, which was originally intended to feature on CamelPhat’s new album ‘Spiritual Milk’.

CamelPhat (Picture: Press)

Whelan added: “Noel’s vocal isn’t complete. He was happy if we got another vocalist in to finish the track, and we tried. We used five different vocalists, but it’s only Noel’s voice that sounds right. For now, the track is sitting there.

“We’re happy if Noel wants to finish it for his own music or if he finishes it for us – we’ll respect Noel’s decision whatever.”

During the COVID lockdowns Gallager made a rare move to work with several other artists on new music, including collaborations with Dizzee Rascal and Imelda May.

Gallagher spoke to BBC Radio 6 Music in May 2021 about his lockdown collaborations. “I’ve co-written a lot of songs, ironically, none of which seem to have seen the light of day,” he said.

“I did that thing with CamelPhat, which did come out, I did a thing with Dizzee, which never came up. I did a thing with [Paul] Weller which never got finished. I did do something with Imelda May that did come out, actually.

“Lots of people were doing it, I got so many emails saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got nothing to do, if you’ve got nothing to do we should write something.'”

Meanwhile, Gallagher shared recently that he would be open to a Las Vegas residency “later in life” when he has aged out of touring.

While appearing as a guest on The Matt Morgan Podcast, the musician said: “Would I do Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in Vegas? Possibly in later life. You don’t have to go anywhere. You live in the hotel that you play at.”

He continued: “Elvis Presley used to get a lift from his room to the stage – I wouldn’t mind doing that.”

Though the prospects of a Las Vegas residency for Gallagher is a while away, the musician shared that he will be making his way to the state on holiday during his break from tour to see Irish icons U2 play their residency.

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