‘Persona 5 Royal’ Nintendo Switch release date and latest news

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal has finally been announced for Nintendo Switch. After years of waiting, and plenty of outcry from fans, players will be able to take on the adventure of the Phantom Thieves on the go. It’s all part of a series of Persona ports making their way to the handheld console. Persona 5 isn’t the first one in the set to release, so fans will have to wait a while to be reunited with Joker and the gang.

Players will be happy to know that the Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5 will also include all DLC released for the PS4 version, finally bringing other platforms in on the fun. Royal is the expanded version of the original game, with new social links, a slightly different main story and bonus content.

To help keep you in the loop with everything related to Persona 5 Royal on Switch we’ve put together this guide. You’ll find the release date, as well as what’s included in this particular version.

Persona 5 Royal Nintendo Switch release date

Persona 5 Royal will launch October 21 for Nintendo Switch. This is the same day as the game is set to land on PC and Xbox platforms too. It will include all DLC.

Persona 5 Royal Atlus
Persona 5 Royal. Credit: Atlus

What’s included?

Persona 5 Royal on Nintendo Switch will include the full game, which is an enhanced version of the original, as well as the following DLC:

  • Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Costume Bundle
  • Persona 5 Royal Battle Bundle
  • Persona 5 Royal Persona Bundle

These packs range from cosmetic items to in-game resources. The exploration pack for example will give you a selection of resources to aid exploration of dungeons and Mementos. The Kasumi Costume Bundle features outfits for Kasumi, themed after other Persona games.

Is there a physical version?

Yes, Persona 5 Royal on Nintendo Switch will indeed have a physical version. Details are sparse currently, but it looks like it will be available when the game launches from participating retailers.

What’s the difference between Royal and Persona 5?

Persona 5 Royal is a heavily expanded version of Persona 5. The key changes are in the new character Kasumi, new locations, and a whole new School semester. The story has also been opened up, with new animated cutscenes ands major plot points. Everything from special moves to dungeons have also been retooled. There are new social activities like the temple and the darts mini game.

That’s all you need to know about Persona 5 Royal coming to Nintendo Switch. If any more info is revealed by Atlus, we’ll be sure to update this page.

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