‘PUBG’ teases a spooky Halloween Fantasy Battle Royale event

PUBG Corp Update 7.2

PUBG has released a new video teasing a spooky event coming to the battle royale, though no date is available just yet.

PUBG previously ran a fantasy event in April called the Fantasy Battle Royale. Players would drop into a fantasy-themed version of Erangel to fight for ye olde chicken dinner. A new trailer suggests that a Halloween version of the event is on the way.

The short trailer shows Erangal under the shadow of a blood moon. Satanic summoning circles accompany the fantasy outfits adorned by players. The description for the video says, “In the parallel universe, there is the darker side of the #FBR characters. Are you ready to become one with the dark for this Halloween?”

It’s safe to assume that FBR stands for Fantasy Battle Royale, and the Haloween version will build on the style added in the previous event. There are no details on what the event will include or when it will be live. The Youtube video does say that it is “coming soon.”

In September, PUBG was updated with a new casual mode. The new mode allows players to warm up in a slower pace environment. It also allows new players to learn the game without the stress of human opponents bearing down on them. The casual mode is limited to three matches per day and can be played solo or with a team. PUBG players can still earn XP and rewards when playing the casual mode. Pass missions can also be completed, but the mode is limited to PUBG’s original map Erangel.

In other news, Ghost Recon Frontline’s closed test has been delayed with no explanation as to why. It is unclear if it’s related to the large proportion of dislikes that the reveal trailer received.

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